Monthly Archives: April 2011

Welcome to the Blog With Teeth

Okay, that’s probably kind of overkill on the whole “With Teeth” thing, but what the hell, it sounded better than “Rich’s Blog.-(”

Anyway, welcome to the blog spot for Rich Tubiolo and Marketing With Teeth!  I’ll admit, the whole blogging concept is something I’m not completely in love with.  Yeah, I know, seems like a crappy thing to admit on a blog, right?  Here’s the thing.  Everyone has an opinion.  It’s a lot easier to have an opinion than it is to learn and shape an educated opinion.  And more and more folks seem to want to express their opinions to an increasingly larger audience.  People want to share their random thoughts about life, philosophy, work, love, music, recreation, sleep, brushing their teeth, or simply opinions about other people’s opinions.  And blogging so often seems to end up being just a masturbatory forum for folks spewing these opinions.  I don’t presume to think that my daily reflections, adventures, or critiques about life’s little annoyances are going to be of great value to my busy clients, friends, or students.  So I’ve wondered, what good would starting a blog actually be to those I might hope would read it?  Why do a blog?

The answer is that I’ve realized there are things worth saying – things I find myself saying or wanting to say to many different clients, friends, or students –  which don’t always find another venue for being said.  I realized that there are ways to offer value to prospective blog audiences, as long as I keep one primary question in mind.  Here it is.   What’s in it for your audience?  As a marketer and communicator, I’m always focusing on the great importance of this question.  I feel it’s probably the most critical element to all successful communications and negotiations.   And it definitely seems like the right criterion for this blog and it’s content.  So as I begin and plan to continue writing here, I’ll continue to ask myself, “What’s in it for my audience?”

Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ll likely be seeing my opinions and reflections here too.  Afterall, I’m human.  And now, I’m a blog writer too.-)  But I’ll try to keep it all relevant and target-audience-oriented.  I’ll plan to share what I can, perhaps even teach.  But I’m doing this to learn from you too.  So I encourage any of you reading this to speak right back up when you have something to say.  If you’d like to respond to something in this blog, please send me an email at