Short-Attention Span Motivational Speech

Ever hear of the marathon runner’s “wall”?  Many runners, in fact many athletes, have encountered reaching a point during their athletic performances at which they’ve felt physically and mentally incapable of continuing on – as if they’d literally hit a tangible, hard and unrelenting wall.  It can be very difficult to get past this point, so many are unable to finish and achieve their goals.  Others break through the wall, complete the race and even place among or above the best of their competitors.  Work and careers are a bit like a marathon too, or perhaps a series of marathons.  And we all hit those walls.  The trick isn’t to presume you can avoid them.  Success is about breaking through those barriers and doing what many around us fail to do – persevere.

Keep going!  Break through!  Risk is a necessary in business and life.  Failed efforts can teach us and make us stronger, wiser, better.  Failure is only truly failure when it stops you.